Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lincoln Wins First Meet!!

Last night was a great night! Lincoln was able to beat Mason City 89 to 80!!! Mason did so great for his first time! Here are a few pics I took!  My dad and Heidi, Missy, Jon K, and your parents all came out to support him. I was such a proud mamma.  I'm so excited for you to see him in live action! He competed in the opening relay doing the he is again doing the 100 M Breastroke!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mason's Swim Team

Lincoln High School Swim Team

The Lincoln Rails high school men’s team began on Monday, November 7th. The team practices twice a day, an hour in the early morning and 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon. But the guys all know the hard work is worth it. This year’s team poised to do some great things, including repeat as Metro Champs and send over 10 guys to the state meet!
The team is made up of seven seniors, four juniors, four sophomores and four freshman, making it one of the largest Lincoln Men’s team in several years.

Thankfully, while you are home you will be able to attend 2 Swim Meets for LHS and one Club Meet for the girls!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Boot Camp Week #4


Group Warm up
Group #1: Deadlift Instruction  
Group #2: Skill WOD AMRAP in 15 min.
    10 Box Jump Sprawls
    12 Box Dips
    14 Lateral Jumps (r/l=1)
    Suicide Sprint
WOD: "Laps of Lungery" For this WOD you will do walking lunges for a predetermined number of steps (TBA..LOL). At the top of each minute, you will perform 3 strict push ups. You will continue this method until all prescribed lunges are complete.
*Reminder!! Class this Saturday!!!! 9-10am! Mark Calendar for Nov. 19th for 9am class and nutrition at 10!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

111029 Boot Camp WOD

Bonus Weekend Boot Camp WOD:
3 Rounds
10 Jump Squats /Pistols
50 Mountain Climbers /(2 Ct)
70 Sit ups
100 Squats
*Feel free to start workout w/ 800M -1 mile Run! :) If 3 Rounds is too hard do 1 or 2 instead.
See you all on Tuesday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

111025 Boot Camp Week #2!

111025 Boot Camp Week #2!

Skill Warm up:
2 Minute Run
30 Jump Rope /(DU's)
20 Squats
10 Sprawls
5 Push ups
10 Sprawls
20 Sit ups
30 Jump Rope/(DU's)
Skill Drills:
Intro to Box Jump
Partnered Skills: You go, I go
6 Box Jumps, 8 Lunges, 10 Mountain Climbers, 12 sec. plank hold
*Each partner does 1 exercise while other partner rests
Complete this cycle for 3-5 Rounds
**Elite: 10 Box Jumps (optional up/over), 15 Lunges, 20 2 ct. Mountain Climbers, 30 sec. Plank
REST 5 minutes
WOD: (Fitness Test)
For time:
4 Bear Crawls (8 Bear Crawls)
100 Jump Rope Singles (50 Du's)
40 Squats
30 Sit ups
20 Push ups
10 Burpees

Finisher: Partnered Leg Levers 2x20

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

111020 Boot Camp Day 2!

Skill Warm up w/ PVC:
5 Shoulder Rolls, 3 Good mornings
5 Squats, 5 Shoulder Rolls
3 Rounds: 10 Sit ups, 10 Push ups
WOD Drills:
Jump Rope & Flutter kicks (Double Unders , 2ct for advanced)
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
10 Sit ups
20 Jump Rope (DU's for advanced)
Running (Suicide sprint for advanced)
Finisher: Review of Squats & Push ups

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bootcamp Begins!!

111018 Bootcamp Begins!

7:30-8:30pm at Oviatt Elementary in Norwalk. 

Class is SOLD OUT!

Warm up:  3 Rounds of 25 Mountain Climbers & 25 Sit ups
WOD Drills: 10-8-6-4-2
Push ups, Lunges, Squats, + Handstand Static Holds (elite only)
WOD for time:
50 Squats
25 Push ups *
50 Jump Squats *
25 Sprawls*
50 Lunges
25 Push ups*
50 Jump Lunges
25 Sprawls *
*Elite: Hand release push ups, pistols, Renegade Row Push ups, Burpees ( 2 Rounds)
Finisher: Partnered Leg Levers 2x20